Peterson High Pirates

 missing list

      Class of '71

Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour Debut

Find Missing Classmates

It is always difficult to search for missing classmates.
Any clue is extremely important.

Birthday, Middle Name or Initial, Married last name,
Parents or siblings name,
or even location of last job can help sometimes.
Send me your clues.

Last update on 07/22/16

Married Name Last Name First Name
Lopez Alverez Mary
  Allan Laura
  Andrews Debbie
  Bennett Steve
  Bolton Cathy
  Chow Betty
  Criswell David
  Crowe Raymond
  Davis John
  Derouin Laurence
Brock Downey Kathleen
Patrick Dykes Bobbie
  Enriquez Roland
  Fernendez Marty
  Finnie Patricia
  Gibbons Cheryl
  Gordon Greg
  Hill George
  Insell Betty
Scott Isom Joyce
  Johnson Mike
  Kuz Maria
Sanford Ladley Margaret
  Linehan Sherie
  Lopez Rachel
  Lopez Tony
  Mallory Jeff
  Martinez Martin
Hampton Mayhue Patty
  McDonald Joan
  McCallister Cathy
  Michaud Peggy
  Miller Bob
  Miller Rodney
  Ness Patricia
  O'Brien Dan
McDowell Osborn Julie
  Parks Debbie
  Peterson Karin
  Rachel Kristi
  Repine Carol
  Resendez Jesse
  Rosales Julian
  Skyles Linda
  Smith Jim
O'Neal Strahin Janet
  Swift Juli
  Terrell Steve
  Valdez Eddie
Nieto Valladares Alicia
  Vaughn Scott
  Wertz Michael
  Williams Dave
  Winchester Patti

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