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      Class of '69

69 Song List

Find Missing Classmates

It is always difficult to search for missing classmates.
Any clue is extremely important.

Birthday, Middle Name or Initial, Married last name,
Parents or siblings name,
or even location of last job can help sometimes.
Send me your clues.

Last update on 9/25/16

Married Name Last Name First Name
  Alvarez Savas
  Alvarez Mary
  Anderson Jim
  Bailey Carl
  Barron Sal
  Bennett Greg
  Bernandino Cuebas
  Bettencourt Leticia
  Brown Randy
  Buchanan Linda
  Calica Arthur
  Campbell Scott
Witham-Wade Caraway Connie
  Chaney Bud
  Chisler Barbara
  Donze Stephen
  Duncan Dan
  Erickson Glenn
  Espinoza Rosemarie
  Fizzle Joe
Iseger Forster Darci
  Freeman Don
  Galvan Danny
  Garcia Linda
  Gilmore Gary
  Gomez Felix
Whtham Wade Caraway Connie
  Chan Cary
  Chaney Bud
  Chase Ronald
  Chisler Barbara
  Collins Ray
  Colombo Fred
  Compilli Bruce
Mitchell Cozas Debbied
  Dieu Jim
  Donald Steve
  Donze Stephen
  Druge Camille
  Dubie Stephen
  Dudley Steve
  Duncan Dan
  Elgas Glenn
  Erickson Glenn
  Espinoza Esequiel
  Espinoza Rosemary
  Esposito Michael
  Fernandez Nancy
  Fizzle Joe
Iseger Forester Darci
  Freeman Don
  Galvan Danny
  Garcia Linda
  Gilmore Gary
  Gomez Felix
  Gonzales Robert
  Harrington Jeanette
  Hernandez Tony
  Johnson Marsha
  Kelley Bill
  Kneib Peggy
  Labno John
  Larson Larry
Salsbury MacDonald Gale
  Mattsson Gunilla
  Morgan Karen
  Myers Mike
  Nevers Susan
Mederios O'Neal Sherrie
  Orozco Ruben
  Parks Valerie
  Pena John
Salsbury MacDOnald Gale
Bennett Perkins Leslie
  Perkins Spencer
  Perry Dennis
  Price Harry
  Radford Tom
  Ray Steve
  Rice David
  Rivera Gary
  Rush Carole
  Saiia Cathie
  Selvog Christine
  Smith Rick
  Smith Cheryl
  Smith Brad
  Taylor Gene
  Thomas Doreen
  Tucker Alan
  Wagner Billy
  Williams John
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