Peterson High Pirates

      Class of '68

back in time cost of living

Find Missing Classmates

It is always difficult to search for missing classmates.
Any clue is extremely important.

Birthday, Middle Name or Initial, Married last name,
Parents or siblings name,
or even location of last job can help sometimes.
Send me your clues.

Last update on 10/2/16

Married Name Last Name First Name
  Carol Adams
  Aguilar Ester
  Anderson John
  Arnold Pam
  Arreola Mike
  Avants Linda
  Bennett Bruce
Cunningham Bianchi Debbie
Barnhill Bohon Betty
  Browner Sandra
  Cabello Josie
  Cameron Dorothy
Balcar Carlson Laurie
  Carr Julie
  Chan Carl
  Compilli Joseph
  Cox John
  Davis Carla
Anderson Davis Marilyn
  Diaz Mark
  Dougherty Mike
  Echols Cheryl
  Esposito Terry
Monahan Essen Connie
  Faddis Linda
Vaughan Forster Karis
King Gagnon Lana
  Gazlay Judy
  Greenan Angie
  Hancock Lynda
Harrison Harder Carol
  Harvey Kathy
  Kelm Jeri
  Hodges Peggy
  Hood Dale
  Horton Linda
  Jeffrey Beverly
  Jones Steve
  Klemz Gary
  Kodama Joann
  Kubal Jacquie
  Loe Randy
  Lopez Paul
  Marshall Barbara
  Martinez Dave

Compilli McDonough Gayleen
  McNeil Bryan
Hembree McGregor Maureen
  Morgan Sanders
  Nakamoto Clifford
  Oden Julie
  O'Donnell Martin
  Oppenheimer Sharon
  Ormsby Frank
  Ouellette Danny
  Phillips Faith
Morgenroth Pritchette Peggy
  Polly Duane
  Reyes Ray
  Roberts Donna
  Sakamoto Tim
Muroya Sato Kiyomi
  Shaffer Randy
  Simie Roger
De Young Smith Jacque
  Sorensen Larry
Willing Sovinsky Linda
  Stanton Gary
  Steiner Barbara
Lanning Sweger Karen
  Terrell Linda
  Thomas William
Pierce Underhill Hazel
  VanRemortel Mike
  Verheul-Leonard Corry
  Weather Sharon
Garcia Wofford Velma
  Wright Shaon
Schwenke Zaechelein Ute

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